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    Gloria Pena, 26 Years, Housekeeper, Disneyland Hotel

    "After working as a Housekeeper all my life, I have been diagnosed with Arthritis and Osteoporosis. I continue to work at Disney because of my Union health insurance benefits. With Disney's proposal, I won't be able to afford health insurance .

    Why is Disney doing this to us? We can't let this happen!"

    Jean Bustamante, Server, 15 years, Paradise Pier Hotel

    "I am a single mother of two children. My 7 year old son has Cerebral Palsy as well as many other disabilities. With the company's proposal of Casual Regular he would surely lose his much needed health insurance. As a 15 year employee, even when I work 6 days a week, I still don't average 30 hours. How can Disney deny how much this proposal will hurt my family?."

    Juan Ruiz, Storyteller Server, Grand Californian Hotel

    "I work hard for disney, I don't think it is fair for my young daughters to lose their health care."