Sheraton Park Hotel Anaheim, UNITE HERE Local 11 Settle Contract for Hotel Workers

ANAHEIM – Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim and UNITE HERE Local 11 reached a tentative contract agreement yesterday, Aug. 4, ensuring affording healthcare and raises for the Disneyland-area hotel’s 220 workers.

The contract agreement comes about a month after workers from the nearby Anaheim Hilton settled a similar agreement for its 770 workers. Meanwhile, the 2,100 hotel workers at the Disneyland Resort have been struggling for three years to reach an agreement with the same basic rights.

“I am proud to work for the Sheraton Park Hotel,” said Jesus Villa, a Sheraton Park cook. “We are very proud to have negotiated a fair deal that respects the rights of the workers and the success of the hotel.”

Like the Anaheim Hilton deal, Sheraton Park hotel workers won the necessary increased healthcare contributions to ensure that workers will continue to have access to affordable family medical care.

Sheraton Park non-tipped employees received raises of $.65 per hour each year, giving front-desk agents, housekeepers, dishwashers and cooks a per-hour increase of $1.30 by the end of the contract. And in response to the hotel’s new pet-friendly policy, housekeepers will receive assistance in cleaning guest rooms with dogs. The contract is effective until 2013.

Blocks away at the Disneyland Resort, workers who do the same work have been struggling for three years to win a comparable deal.

In May, Disney imposed its last contract offer instead of bargaining to reach an agreement with the union in negotiations. While the Sheraton Park Hotel is willing to contribute more than $4 per hour worked for employee healthcare, Disney is only willing to pay $2.55 per hour worked for employee healthcare.  

“I’m happy for my friends at the Sheraton Park Hotel, but frankly, when I see how a small hotel like the Sheraton Park treats its workers, and then think about what Disney has put us through to win a right as basic as affordable healthcare, I feel disgusted,” said Maria Isabel Barrera, a laundry attendant. “Disney isn’t suffering financially, why do they insist on making us?”

Disney profited $4.3 billion in 2010.


At tuition hike vote, students protest UC Regent Monica Lozano’s involvement on Disney Board

SAN FRANCISCO - As the University of California Regents vote on another tuition hike this Thursday, students dressed in Disney costumes protested, condemning higher education cuts and tuition hikes while corporations like Disney win generous tax breaks.


Students targeted their protest at media CEO Monica Lozano, who is the publisher of La Opinion newspaper and a University of California Regent.  As a UC Regent, Lozano has approved seven recent tuition hikes, while simultaneously serving on the corporate board of Disney, which last year won millions in potential tax breaks. One such tax break, an Enterprise Zone distinction in Anaheim, could bring Disney more than $1 million in tax savings just by hiring 100 employees throughout the year, including student summer hires.


“This Fall, I won’t be attending my dream school, UC Santa Cruz, because my family cannot afford the out-of-control tuition,” said Giselle Armendariz, a Cal Poly Pomona freshman, who will live at home and commute to college. “It’s time for Monica Lozano to stop serving corporations, and start standing up for the people.”


UPRISING RADIO: Students, Workers Join Forces Against Disney and UC Corporate Interests

As University of California Regents prepare to vote for another tuition hike next week, students and workers gathered today, July 8, to protest drastic higher education cuts, while corporations like Disney win generous tax breaks.

Disney Dining worker June Mekker and student volunteer Giselle Armendariz, a Cal Poly Pomona freshman, talk to UPRISING Radio about the July 8 protest.


Three-Year Contract Settled for 700+ Anaheim Hilton Hotel Workers

On June 29, UNITE HERE Local 11 and the Anaheim Hilton hotel reached a contract agreement for continued family healthcare and pay raises for the 700 hotel workers. The contract was ratified in a vote of 272 to 3.


The contract includes a signing bonus for both tipped and non-tipped workers, as well as an assurance that the Anaheim Hilton will increase healthcare contributions to ensure that workers will continue to have access to family medical and dental care.


The Anaheim Hilton is less that one mile from the Grand Californian, Paradise Pier, and Disneyland hotels. If the Anaheim Hilton can extend healthcare and raises to its workers, then so can Disney. But instead, Disney is trying to impose changes that will increase the cost of healthcare for its workers. We must keep pressure on Disney so more victories like the one at the Anaheim Hilton can be ours!


Sheryl Sandberg Dodges Disney Question in London

As discussed often on this site, Disney's contract proposal will make healthcare unaffordable for hundreds of cooks, dishwashers and housekeepers, some of whom make as little as $8.89 an hour. Watch a London School of Economics student question Disney board member Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, on the issue.

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